Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Today's truths:

It is very hard to go shopping with 2 children. My brain seems to stop working while doing so!
My husband is a very selfless, hardworking man, and he is overworked tonight.
I haven't had a haircut in Months, and my hair often is tangled and a mess, so i put it up and deal with it. :(
Starting a garden is a little overachieving this year but its addictive to grow things so I continue on..
Sometimes I need help from others but hate to admit it. We all need somebody to lean on.. :-P

Saturday, March 3, 2012

simple reminder.

do not worry or be anxious for anything.
isn't our body more than having food and clothing?


still daily i worry about these things.

the simpleness of christ should be enough,
my faith should be enough,
for nothing is impossible with God.

wanting more things is like trying to chase down the wind.