Thursday, July 21, 2011

An update sort of...

Lately life has been busy busy.. lots of working little rest,
even when we rest our minds are flooded with thoughts.
But the Lord is good.
We are enjoying the goodness of his grace and gifts, but we must not forget that often his gifts are trials.
I don't think anyone likes to hear that or enjoys trials,
but we are called to enJOY them.
Are commanded to be joyous through trials because it produces endurance and strong faith.
Lord knows my faith needs growing!

_ our garden has done well, the bugs were not too terrible, we had lots of squash & cucumbers and now are getting tomatoes. our cantaloupe didn't do well at all though, which we heard it was hard to grow here.
- Our boy is learning more and more of course and getting into everything- his new thing is hiding in the kitchen cabinet saying dadadadada wanting him to come peekaboo him, and he loves figuring out sounds and movements together- his veggietales book is his favorite with "a talking bird that doesn't quit" and he mimics a bird with his hand and makes a bird noise :)
- We are saving for the future, sweat and brow, takes time for sure!
- Excited about baby 2, trusting the Lord no matter what others think or say
- looking forward to soon being able to have more time together & hoping toby can get more rest
- Hoping the new church we're going to will help us grow spiritually and be able to make new friends

How are you doing? If anyone is reading? :-O
I hope the Lord is working in your life in great ways

Saturday, July 16, 2011

great blog post to read about children

find it here:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

my little bit of couponing experience...

first day trial- bought what harris teeter calls 65 dollars worth for 40.
Second day trial- went on southern savers and printed my list from their deals- esp. the acorn deals- (ones a dollar or under, sometimes free.) and .. got 65 worth for 24 dollars!


So.. what i've learned about using coupons and a few suggestions from my experience:

- buy only what you will use of course
- you use the store deal or sale, then coupons too

will post more later as i learn.. i know this isn't much info. but today is pretty busy to boot