Friday, August 26, 2011

a bit here and there of LIFE..

Things happening with us lately in no particular order

- we decided on a name!! Zoey, which means eternal life. :) how fitting- a blessing of life, god's gift.
- Caleb learned to say please or "pees" as he says it.
- We are HOPING to find a house, but not sure how long that will take, not sure if we are ready but we need something soon.. not sure what God wants for us.
- I did a painting recently for the first time in a loooonnng time, i still have a few more things to do to it if i get the time... I painted it plain air off the front porch, with my pop up antique easel i love, which was nice. (here it is below)
- my grandma was put in the hospital which really scared us- she fell down and hit her head, back and foot. she is home now and doing okay i think but needs prayers to heal and get her Blood pressure normal.

Friday, August 12, 2011

its a girl

We are excited to be having a baby girl!
I picked out a few things we'll need, just for fun. We are definitely not asking for anything, and know we will have everything we need for her, God always provides. But it was neat to browse and see what kind of little girl things they have. I did find a cute little bath for her that is inexpensive that we may get and a few other things.. i sort of just wanted to have a running list of the things i would like to find, used or new.

feel free to take a look.. girl things are so cute!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

baby talk, etc.

Tuesday we get an ultrasound and they should be able to tell if we have a boy or a girl! :)
I am very excited!!

I would post pics of what i look like but honestly I'm not showing that much yet, and it would be difficult to get a good pic unless I asked toby to do it, and he is always exhausted when he gets home.

Life gets a little overwhelming, but God reminded me of Romans 8 last night, and it helped tremendously to change my focus. I also wish I had close friends around me to share in this journey of life that gets difficult at times... This is not a statement of self-pity, and I am extremely blessed that I have a wonderful husband and son, but sometimes i would like to hang out and talk with other women who are going through similar things that could relate to me. Thursdays the moms group from church has events but i haven't been able to go to one yet, I am hoping i get to tomorrow. I usually ship out books in the mornings when they have it.