Wednesday, August 3, 2011

baby talk, etc.

Tuesday we get an ultrasound and they should be able to tell if we have a boy or a girl! :)
I am very excited!!

I would post pics of what i look like but honestly I'm not showing that much yet, and it would be difficult to get a good pic unless I asked toby to do it, and he is always exhausted when he gets home.

Life gets a little overwhelming, but God reminded me of Romans 8 last night, and it helped tremendously to change my focus. I also wish I had close friends around me to share in this journey of life that gets difficult at times... This is not a statement of self-pity, and I am extremely blessed that I have a wonderful husband and son, but sometimes i would like to hang out and talk with other women who are going through similar things that could relate to me. Thursdays the moms group from church has events but i haven't been able to go to one yet, I am hoping i get to tomorrow. I usually ship out books in the mornings when they have it.

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