Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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2 years of marriage.

I am married to a wonderful, Godly man.
He swept me off my feet at the exact right time in my life..
he could have come before but we both weren't ready.
Thanks be to God for such a wonderful, forgiving, loving man.
I cannot give credit to anyone but God for giving me this gift.
I enjoy every second of it.
For better or worse,
sickness and in health,
for richer, for poorer,
til death do us part.

As i think about these vows, I know that already in just two years we have faced those promises...
if anyone thinks marriage is easy, think again.
We have had to deal with loosing a job and not knowing what to do with a new baby to take care of,
with sickness and strife...
but it's all worth it.
Marriage is difficult. But it is to show God's mercy & goodness.

HAPPY 2 Years (our anniversary is on Dec 20) a little early :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Addison Road - What Do I Know Of Holy w/Lyrics

what do i know?

God met me today while this song played, and the tears flowed...
I think I understand more of his character now.
He is to be feared.
Yet he loves so fiercely and so delicately at the same time.
Let him embrace you today.
He is MIGHTY, wonderful, calm, but he is to be feared.
i am in awe of my maker.
Abba, father, I am yours and you are mine.
It is great to feel his love. I don't think i've felt his love in a long time.
I don't think i really understood it.
But if i could even describe it, I think it just is about being still before him and knowing he is bigger than me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

life's adventures and changes...

Okay so I'm going to force myself to write in a positive manner...

It is so hard right now because I really am depressed about the changes going on in my life currently.

I'll continue on with a few things I'm thankful for because that is what God is laying on my heart to do:

1. we will get to be around family and old friends
2. we will have a cozy warm home to live in
3. we will get to start a new adventure of being booksellers- 9,000 + books
4. God works all things to good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose
5. we have had a good experience here and MO will always have a place in my heart
6. Caleb will get to experience a new place and be outside more

Please pray with us as we start this new adventure.

I have decided to call it an adventure, because:
1. my husband as a man "wild at heart" craves adventure, and i want to be on board with that in our lives so he doesn't grow complacent
2. i need to learn to trust and experience change and not be so comfortable

I can hear my Father God saying, but can you trust me with everything? Can you trust me?
Lord, I Must. I have to trust you. I can trust you. Oh, Boy.
That's what its all about.