Friday, August 26, 2011

a bit here and there of LIFE..

Things happening with us lately in no particular order

- we decided on a name!! Zoey, which means eternal life. :) how fitting- a blessing of life, god's gift.
- Caleb learned to say please or "pees" as he says it.
- We are HOPING to find a house, but not sure how long that will take, not sure if we are ready but we need something soon.. not sure what God wants for us.
- I did a painting recently for the first time in a loooonnng time, i still have a few more things to do to it if i get the time... I painted it plain air off the front porch, with my pop up antique easel i love, which was nice. (here it is below)
- my grandma was put in the hospital which really scared us- she fell down and hit her head, back and foot. she is home now and doing okay i think but needs prayers to heal and get her Blood pressure normal.


  1. Praying for you guys and your grandma. Love you

  2. thank you love you too reshae!