Monday, October 18, 2010

moving on and being grateful

When we moved I was okay at first, then reality hit... and hit hard.
I missed my comfort zone. I missed friends and family. I missed familiarity.
I missed having our own place.
But God brought us here for a reason, to teach us, to guide us into Humility and deeper faith in him.
It is difficult sometimes, because I like my comfort. I like not having to lean on anyone for support, but I have to do that right now. And that has to be okay.

And truthfully, we still have it very easy. We are taken care of! Fully. God has provided for our needs, not our wants.

He loves me, but he loves me enough not to give me everything I want. I wanted a house. I wanted one so badly i was willing to stress myself, my husband, and not knowingly, my little baby in the womb at the time. Wanting too much causes unneeded "stress," which I learned is actually anger because of unmet expectations.

I was expecting to get spoiled by God and get something that wasn't in God's plan and timing. It is sometimes hard to see that because I got so blinded by my foolish desire.

So now, I am learning to Breathe, to enjoy what is right in front of my face. Have I mastered it? NO. And I will still make mistakes and say things and do things I know I shouldn't. But i will learn from them. I will pray harder. I will Grow. God loves me too much to not cause me to Continue Growing.

I am grateful. I am grateful we have a nice place to live, thanks to God's grace. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I know we will always be carried by him. Life is too short to worry.

Thanks to anyone reading this that has helped me grow along the way. I am grateful for those who God has placed in my life to encourage me, to challenge me, to help me.

We are making friends here finally, and that helps alot too. I am very reserved and it takes awhile for me.

Here are a few pics of my favorite things about life here so far:

we love the outdoors :) i guess i realize anywhere i go that's my favorite.

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