Saturday, November 20, 2010

a boogers story. really.

My son knows what he likes. He also knows what he doesn't like.
He doesn't like his face wiped.
No matter how gross, sticky, or booger covered.
This morning, as he was fussing and moving his head side to side, successfully avoiding me wiping his nose, I thought about how we are like that sometimes.

God, as our father, sees our ugly-ness.
So, he loves us and wants to help fix it.
He tries taking his loving hand, to softly wipe away our sins or help us in some way.
We say, no thanks, I'd rather violently flail around and fight you for as long as I possibly can.
We are just like babies in that way. We want what we think is best for us.
But God knows better. And like me as Caleb's parent, he won't give up trying to clean us up because he knows that is the best thing to do to help.

Often we have something that God could easily wipe away clean for us, but we run from him.
We think it is better that way. If we can just ignore it, or try and fix it on our own, it will be fine.
We think "just leave us alone."
But God won't. He pursues us lovingly, saying, please just let me help.
Why can't we let him?
All he wants is what's best for us.

Will you let him wipe away your sins today? He is more than capable. He is our loving father.
He adores us.

PS> Today I am thankful for a husband that provides for us willingly as well as the gift and luxury of being a stay at home mother.

Also, today me and caleb and toby are all sick - we have a cold. pray for us?

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