Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My top favorites about being a Mom:

In no particular order...

* Having a living breathing, oneness in flesh, product of our marriage & love

* Enjoying the awesome promise of scripture: Children are a Blessing from God.

* Knowing that the sacrifices I make daily are worth it, completely- it is so much better than before, because I realize how worldly and selfish I have been and still am working on not being. It helps me grow in Christ to have a child to take care of because I see also how God can love us so much and want the best for us.

* Seeing the world through a new set of eyes-- ex. yesterday seeing caleb be able to figure out how to get his lips and breath to make the bubble from the bubble wand- and how his eyes light up at his accomplishment. He's still not mastered it, and sometimes he tries to eat the bubble wand, but he did it! I think thats pretty good for a 14 mo. old :)

* Seeing all his little accomplishments! He is learning so so much all the time.

* Learning myself even more about Love..

Thank God for this gift, this blessing of parenthood.

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