Monday, September 5, 2011

choosing life

I am angry that women in our country choose LIES over truth,
because, as I read this morning 1/2 of all pregnancies are quote "unplanned,"
to be put another way-- these are Unwanted, undesired, and unloved children.
Because they are choosing to believe that our Creator God is not big enough to take care of them,
to knit them together beautifully in that woman's womb, perfect as his design for each child.
He is big enough to provide for their needs... There are many things children simply do not need as well.
They don't need games, tv, 1,000 outfits, etc etc. Most of all they just need to be clean, to be held and loved.

I am angry because women my age are deciding to get abortions because it doesn't fit with their plans.
What greater plan could one have than to help nurture life?? Than to have a little life to help and another person to love? I don't know. But i think its the lie that they need more stuff. That they just couldn't make it and maybe in 5 years they will want a child, but not now. Not the right time. Why? Maybe they think that their career needs them, that they need X amount more dollars in the bank first.
Wrong, but check your bibles. Check your hearts! Pray and seek his face and talk to our creator, he made you.
I am also angry because now society, and our government, is making it easier and even free with the new healthcare plan, to get birth control. A way to control your life so you won't have to worry about anyone but yourself, right? Truly, that is what I think of it. Natural family planning can be just as effective. There are ovulation predictors for example. And you then would abstain during those times, fast and pray if you wish, or use condoms if you must. Women these days are planners, anyways. A calendar, an iphone app, whatever you need, you could write in your cycle and go by that. Yes, I am writing things that may make people upset with me, but I am very upset myself about the state of our nation and the fact that many many people are being deceived.

Think about this. The two shall become one flesh. Most of all, one flesh in mind that they are united as man and wife.

But also, One living breathing flesh can be created if God desires/allows, and One tiny little heart that beats so sweetly inside of a new mother. It brings me almost to tears to think about how beautiful that is. For two people to cling to one another, as christ clings to us, and to create life out of that. It is not meant to be a love that stops. It is a love that goes on.. A love that is creative. Ask God about it, he made it. He created sex to reproduce, not animalistic-ally or on our schedules... But responsibly taking our roles as we should and bringing our children up in the fear of the Lord.

That is all I will say about it but please don't let our culture define your views of ANYTHING.
Get out your bible, seek his face and his spirit and let him guide you in every decision.
I do not know what is right for your life, and I am not trying to cause anyone to be upset with me on this issue. I simply am angry that the devil has been winning, and that people are being so naiive and missing out on Blessings. I am thankful God brought me to the place of parenthood. It truly is the best thing I've ever experienced, and yet the hardest, most difficult. I have gray hair now, and I have less and less time for myself. Thank God for that.

Thank God for trials in my life to bring me to his feet daily.
I am not worthy of his love, and thankful for his amazing grace.
Our country needs his grace.
You and I need a daily supply of his grace.
Help women you know learn to seek him in their decisions, challenge them to search further for truth and not be swept away in what everyone else does. Please.

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