Wednesday, November 23, 2011

to come before the lord with Joyful thanksgiving

I am thankful...

- that I, though very flawed, am saved by God's grace through Christ the Lord. I can never be thankful enough. I just recently read through all the suffering Christ endured at his death, and it just shows his beautiful character and steadfastness and that he truly is all that is TRUTH, and most definitely the biggest expression of Love anyone could give. None of us have that kind of character. But thankfully, again, if we believe that he died for our sins, he is faithful, and will forgive us and love us.

- that I have a lovely family to enjoy

- for good food- what else could a pregnant woman want? :)

- for good health and abilities given to me, though I sometimes think bad of what I have, I realize there are lots of gifts I've been given that are simple to me but to some they have to do without: such as for example the given ability to walk, talk, etc. which enables me to do lots of things

- ESPECIALLY for Grace. I fail daily. But I have the truth to stand on that God's love for me NEVER fails!

And I run toward the goal to take the victory of the calling of God from on high in Yeshua The Messiah.
-Philippians 3:14

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