Wednesday, August 29, 2012

it just can't

my son was outside checking the garden without me near and decided to pick a tomato that wasn't ready. it was itty bitty and we were so excited about it growing to be a big juicy one.. its taken some time to start producing and its our favorite plant. well we were pretty bummed!

it made me think about how we are the the branches and produce fruit for the Lord, but only if we abide in him. Well, if we pick ourselves off before he can do his good work we are puny, small and pretty much worthless. just like the little tiny tomato. It may be cute but theres not much we can do with it now. We can't just glue it back on the plant and make it grow!

So i think for me it just shows how we should stick close to the Lord and let him make us produce much fruit for him!

be encouraged yourself!

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