Thursday, August 16, 2012

that word again..


its not just a word
i think ive been desperately seeking it my whole life.
I think everyone has if they are truly honest with themselves.
and i never really knew what it was until i really starting learning about who Christ is.
So thankful that he loves me,
though i often do not love others the way i should.

truth is, I am hurting myself and have many issues with trust.
Though I truly want to love others, often it has to be with certain boundaries and
most of all
I think love is about understanding.
but that's probably because that is how God made me as a woman.

I never want to offend anyone, though i will always stand up for my Lord and HIS way.

I just sincerely hope at the end of this life i get something right.
I know my salvation is secure,
but are my actions?
Are my thoughts pure?
Are my ways right?
Lord help me be loving like you are to me.
Remind me of your love ONCE AGAIN

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