Friday, November 26, 2010

Good morning

Got to spend some time in the word this morning, this COLD morning :-P

It was eye-opening and refreshing. I want more and more time with the Lord!

I encourage you Please Read Romans and 1 Corinthians all the way through. There is SO much info. in there.
For example:
- Food & drink are not important in the kingdom of God
- God isn't mocked- anyone with sins not forgiven will not enter his kingdom
- it is better to be self-controlled and not marry, but if you need to, do marry instead of burning with desire
- do respect authority of government
- God's kingdom is present in Power, not in talk.
- Don't be puffed up.
- Don't owe anyone anything except love.
- Live not to please yourself, but please Christ.
- We are God's children.
- If your enemy is hungry, feed him.
- Show mercy.
- Your love must be Real.

I love God's word.
I have a long way to come, but I am so happy to serve a God who cares so much for all of his creation.


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