Monday, November 15, 2010

Random thoughts

Thought this method would work best since i only have a few minutes...

- My husband is so forgiving and so understanding - I get so jealous of his time, but he is never jealous for mine and encourages me to reach out and spend time with everyone. I am a hoarder of his time. I know its bad and i am working on changing that.

- Caleb has to be the smartest child ever. I say that biasedly as his mother, but also a little unbiasedly too :). He went "#2" on the potty this morning, just like a big boy. He is only 8 months old! And every time we sit him down to go, he goes! His potty makes music, when the fluid hits, it starts playing a triumphant song.
You can potty train kids early. He is living proof that you can. Too bad sometimes i forget to go put him on it, it takes me and him because of course he can't walk just yet.

Check it out--  it's called elimination communication, or EC for short. You're supposed to start when they are first born, and lots of other countries do this. Us americans, i'm sorry but we're lazy sometimes. I am training caleb out of necessity though too. We need to save money on diapers. And if you know me at all, I am stubborn. I won't give up easily on this.

- I am super excited to visit family soon! 34 days and counting! I hopefully am moving back home soon.. that is if Toby gets a job there. I guess God knows what will happen. We could possibly stay here indefinitely. But he has to do something about his job situation soon regardless - he may have to pick up a second job here soon. I have to remember that God knows best and to be CONTENT.

- I am thankful for friends in my life, new and old. I got to spend time with some amazing ladies this weekend and chit chat and enjoy great food.

- Church was good yesterday- hit me hard about being content in your circumstances and letting yourself be a stepping stone for others to go ahead with the gospel after you-- laying your life down so that others may know the Lord. A humbling thought. In sunday school we talked about jealousy. Of course that is hardest for me right now. Admitting my faults is easy, but change? Change is the hardest part.

- I think the hardest thing for anyone is to realize their own sin. Other people's sins are so obvious. Our own sin almost looks good to us after awhile. Or we chalk it up to "our personality." It is not part of our personality to hurt others or to disobey God. Wrong is wrong. If you know something doesn't seem right, check it out. If you are not having peace, you need to talk to God about what you may be doing sinful in your life.

- On a lighter note, I am happy to be able to talk to my mom and brothers more often now. We got skype and it has video. I love seeing them - it is much easier to talk when you can see the other person.

- I am thankful for enough to eat, a warm place to stay, beautiful hills, and living near a sunset. (:-)
I told toby in the car the other day, "I am so happy we get to live so close to a sunset." What was I thinking? Thank God he thinks I'm cute.

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