Wednesday, November 17, 2010

today's thankfulness.

today i will not allow myself to think anything negative.

so here goes a few things i can be Positive about ...

- caleb has taken 2 naps already today so I know he is getting better from his teething extravaganza last night as well as his cold he is fighting off.
- my scalloped potatoes with onions turned out yummy.
- it is nice and warm in the house
- my hubby was able to work today
- there is a beautiful calmness about outside that is peaceful
- the house is mostly clean
- my mom is feeling better
- we get to go to NC for our anniversary and Christmas in 32 days and counting
- I got to watch 19 and counting last night! i was really excited because i hadn't seen the show in awhile.
- Caleb now has a deeper, more joyous love for bathtime AKA Splashtime. :)
- There still is hope that Toby will get a postal job soon
- God has great plans for me!
- Trials equal Joy. Joy isn't happiness. Joy is knowing that God is God. Which God is good. Joy is GOODNESS.
- Goodness, gracious, his Grace is sufficient in my weakness.

I am doing a contentment challenge from The Stay at home missionary. So this post is part of that.
Join me if you will -->

In lieu of that, I will tell you how its gone.
Pretty awful.
I have a darkness about me when my hubby spends time with certain people. I am ugly whenever this person is around sometimes. Why? pure jealousy. It's gonna stop. It has to.

This verse tells me how sinful i've been and convicts me so strongly:
Proverbs 27:4
Anger is cruel, and fury is overwhelming, but who can survive jealousy?

What in your life is God dealing with you about?
Pray with me as I learn contentment.

Oh on a different page altogether, Here's my husbands pumpkin carving for this year. 
So great! 

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