Monday, January 17, 2011

all judgements aside..

As a woman, I can't do everything.
What I can do is daily ask God what he desires of me.
It is not about pleasing people.
They or you even reading this, may think of me as weak or any other sort of thing you like,
but ultimately my focus should be on what God thinks of me.

I am so tired of the game that is easily played of working so hard to please others.
Or being so afraid of messing up.
I am going to mess up.
I am going to let someone down on occasion.
But thankfully his grace is sufficent for me.

My prayer today is that I will know each moment what God has for me, and do it with the strength I have and sometimes his supernatural strength we I don't have it on my own.. which of course will happen.

Let this new year be about God's Direction in my life, and letting go of insecurity and fear.
Let it not be about anyone else's opinions of me.
Let it be full of grace and humility.

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