Monday, September 19, 2011


I think God gives us all different challenges,
but lately I've been comparing what I face to the lack of challenge I see in others lives it seems--
leaving me feeling defeated, wanting to give up, feeling discouraged and alone.

I know deep down God has a perfect plan for me and
also that this pain is temporary and also some of it based on selfish desires,
but it has been a hard few years.
Good in alot of ways, and some days very good,
but difficult circumstances for my desired comforts.
My comforts have been quickly fading away,
and I know that is good for me as a follower of Christ,
but it weakens me at times and makes me depressed,
and want to ask why me? why? why why.

Still I remain even the slightest bit hopeful,
i know my discouragement will not last forever
and that I need to forget myself and my foolish desires,
though some days I don't know what to do.
Thankfully also I am loved despite it all,
and that Joy comes in the morning
and weeping will not last forever.

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