Tuesday, September 20, 2011

little differences..

When I found out I was having a girl this time,
I was scared but still pretty sure that it was true and
thought of a few reasons why..
things that are different from when I was carrying a boy...

- I love cleaning now. I even love the smell of the laundry soaps and different cleaning items you can find on that wonderful aisle at the store. Weird because I haven't really been much of a clean freak before. And it sort of drives toby crazy on occasion. :-P

- Everything makes me cry. How someone says something to me has become very important. I don't mean to, but I am very emotional about people's comments and actions. Some of that probably is my own pride and insecurity, but alot of it i'm sure is hormones. Not something that is too cute, but what can I do. Our little Zoie is worth it though!

- I don't like physical touch as a love language for myself as much as I did. Not sure why, but I sort of want my space from that quite often. Funny thing is alot of it has to do with being moody and certain smells, etc. just bother me. Not a fun one either, but a definate difference from with caleb.

Thats all the things I've noticed that are different... I am very excited to be welcoming our little one into the world in a few months. Hopefully I can conquer all the hormonal issues with God's help and find some uplifting moments along the way.

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