Tuesday, May 29, 2012

less stuff part 2

Writing all this is for my own personal walk with the Lord, but I would be glad if someone else could use it to get closer to him as well...

We have fully moved over to our 'new' house, but still there is stuff left to unpack and organize.
And most of all, get rid of!
My husband and I since we've moved, have realized stuff is a burden!
It keeps you from loving people because it takes up so much time.
Cleaning it, moving it around, etc.
We just hate it, and want rid of as much as possible.
When you have kids the stuff becomes even more unmanageable.
We have family that just gives and gives stuff. At first you think, how nice, what a sweet gesture.
But there is too much.

Hence the previous post.
I have just gotten so fed up with this materialistic world we live in.
Now I do believe God gives us richly all things to enjoy.
But remember he intended us to live in a beautiful garden, enjoying the plants and animals.
Not slaving trying to make a living to buy new gadgets, clothing etc.
We're meant to be naked and not ashamed, which to me means
We were Supposed to be made FREE.
Although this is definately not the case.
We live in so many forms of bondage

stuff is just one of them.

So, I have a challenge for myself as well as anyone reading..
how much can we do without!?

Let's try it.
Give and sell anything and everything you haven't used.

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