Saturday, May 26, 2012

too much stuff!

Do I really get it? Do we as Christians get it?
Are we truly willing to lay it all down??
I don't think so.
All our stuff.
Our people.
Our ideas.
Our time.
We hold it so tightly.
Let me rephrase.
I hold it so tightly.
I am not willing (at least most of the time) to let it ALL go.
Sure, I'll let what I want to go.
I'll give what I don't want or need.

I think about the fact that there are children truly STARVING to death.
All around the world.

And children around the world are being STUFFED to death.
What i mean is, they have tons of plastic toys, tons of gadgets, tons of food CHOICES.
What they actually need is just enough, with lots of love.
What they are getting is full up of stuff. Full of videos showing them nonsense, full of too much food, full of too much in general -- activities, etc. Even going to church in itself can be too full for a child (what i mean is it can keep them too busy and unaware of realities they need to know)...
Because what the world needs is simple love.

What a child in need deserves is the simple gestures. A good warm meal for example.
Think of how there are TOY drives.
A child in need does not need toys. Nor does a child truly in need want toys. They look at the toy thinking what could i do with that? I just want to eat.

We throw what's left of our income over to "third world countries" and just expect the guilt we feel to go away, thinking we've helped someone.
And we're just trying to teach them to be like us.
To spend countless hours studying in a building, sitting at a desk learning about what people used to do, or how to be really good with numbers, so that they can tell someone else what to do and make money and sit at a desk again.
Think about it!! Our culture is so SICK. So unhealthy and FULL.

What it really means to be full is to spend so much time with our Lord and saviour that we are so filled with him that we realize what's important is not HERE.
That we need to spend our time with LESS.
Eating less.
Talking less.
Running around less.
With Less stuff.

That's why it is said Less is more.

That's what is on my mind and heart today.

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