Thursday, June 7, 2012

until then.

I want with all I have for everyone to know the love of our Lord..
Nothing else matters.

But the daily things in life take up much more time than the depth of my thoughts.

So lately,
I've been catering to our little family,
all in hopes we can be scooped up and taken to our heavenly home.
Maybe I'll get the pleasure of sweeping the floors there, to be a cleaning lady in God's house would be much better than being one here, because then I'd have no fear, and I would be so willing to do anything it takes just to be near him forever, away from the darkness here!

Until that day,
I'm keeping up our house here.
our home of mere dust...
at times very sweet and
also on a good day, fairly clean, lol
teaching our little ones to know him,
hoping the love I have will reach even just one soul.
and not letting my bitterness get the best of it all.

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